Thursday, April 17, 2014

Oh, Fashion Fairy, I'd love a Louis Vuitton NN 14 PM Belle de nuit!

Oh, Fashion Fairy....come out, come out, wherever you are!  I have something I need you to see!

I'd love one of these absolutely scrumptious Louis Vuitton NN14 PM Belle de nuit bags!

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I simply died and went to heaven when I opened up my Glamour magazine and saw this bag!  As I turned the page, it literally jumped off the page. As Glamour puts it, it is definitely "one standout bag"! Oh, and it was designed by Marc Jacobs (his final collection for Louis Vuitton, it debuted at the Spring/Summer 2014 women's fashion show).  And there was only a limited number made - duh!!!

I agree with Glamour it is a "showstopper"!  Not sure where, I'd where but, I'd find a somewhere and something to pair it with!  No worries here.

I'm in love with it first and foremost due to the feathers but it has just the "right amount" of leather, chain and bling...the precise amounts!  Yes, "some" might think it's a little over the top but, I don't care one single bit!  Nope, I don't.  I'd wear it.  Proudly too, I might add!

Anyhow, I'd love for the Fashion Fairy to drop it in my closet!  Hehe.  I'm dreaming I know, but, then again, it's nice to dream...

What's your thoughts...would you like an NN14 PM Belle de nuit bag?  Hm mm...  I'm in love with it! Obsessed rather, can't you tell?!

If you'd like me to add your name to the list for the Fashion Fairy to get it for you - leave a comment below and let me know.  If you are in a mad rush and simply cannot wait for the Fashion Fairy you can click here for the contact information to purchase.  Although, I've got a feeling though you'll need to wait for the Fashion Fairy like me!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wanderlust Wednesday: Let's Escape!

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Today, let's escape...

Let's just float away and not think about anything.  Not one single thing.

The question is can we achieve this teeny, tiny task...?!  Hmmm...

Well, let's try at's the least we can do!  So, here goes...

Imagine that you are at the beach...walking along in the surf as you search for that very perfect spot. BAM!  You find it!  What a relief.  Now, drop your bag, lay out your towel, grab your book and r-e-l-a-x!

Don't forget to lather on that sunscreen and chapstick with SPF and keep your face shaded with your big floppy hat!

Enjoy!  Make it a great one.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Introducing Smokey, our new addition!

If you noticed I was MIA this past Friday.  No post.  My apologies.  Normally, I have posts scheduled in advance.  However, BlondiesShop had me busy this past week working on a custom order.  So...I didn't get Friday's post done.

Anyhow, I was also off on Friday.  S and I had somewhere to be and someone special to pick-up.  We have a new addition to our family!  Yes, we do.

Without further's Smokey!  She's a 7 week old Silver Labrador.  I'm a doggy mommy!  OMG!!!

This is right after we picked her up, for the car ride home.  Daddy snapped a pic.
NOTE:  she cried the entire way home.  Well, almost.  It' was a long ride home.  She was missing her 8 brothers.
All stretched out and getting comfy...she's, really, more pictures, don't you have enough...? !  
Smokey is completely tuckered out.  Actually, she takes a lot of  naps. 
Ms. Smokey does not like nor understand that "sometimes" she will be put in her pen, period.  She isn't potty trained yet and we aren't about to let her roam free...not gonna happen.  Sorry, Smokey but, you aren't ready to be left alone, unsupervised.   As you can see by the above picture that doesn't like it.  Not one bit!
S said Smokey needed a duck - after all she is a bird dog.

S and I are very excited to finally have Smokey home.  We've been waiting since last November.  She's been keeping us busy.  She's a very smart little doggy.  She started using the doggy door right away!  She can sit.  She can play catch and return the ball.  She loves the water (gave her a bath and no big deal mom)!!!  S and I are very excited about this!  She's being crate trained and it's going well.  However, someone, does not like being "penned" not one teeny, tiny, bit.  Well, she's slowly but surely getting used to it.  It's a process.  Also, potty training is quite the process.  Let's just say that S and I have it down Smokey's "tell" when she needs to go potty.  Haha.

Have a wonderful day and make it a great one!  And remember yesterday's motivation: think positive!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Motivation Monday: Think Positive!

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When in doubt think positive.  It's all you really can do.  There is no point in being negative in any-way-shape or form.  It's just not worth it.  Actually it is really exhausting.  Trust me, I know.  

Clear that's negative thoughts right out of your brain.  Press the "clear" button.  Be positive!  Every positive thought is a step in the right direction, period.  Enough said.

Make today a great Monday, a positive one!  Have an absolutely fabulous day.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

DIY: Step-by-Step Easter and Spring Ribbon Tree.

If you follow me on Instagram you've already seen my fabulous Easter and Spring Ribbon Tree here.  I've made 2 other trees as well, Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day.  Now, I first posted about a "ribbon tree" back here.  OH, and since I've written this post I made "another" Easter tree, one more to go, for a total of 3!

Today's post I'm finally going to share with you "how-to" make it!  Yippee!  You must be absolutely delighted and beside yourself.  I know, I am!  Trying to make you laugh this am!  Here goes...

What you'll need...
  • 60 yards of Solid Grosgrain Ribbon in 5/8" and 7/8" width
  • 6"w x 6"h x 6"d container (Michaels)
  • foam block to fit container (purchase foamafter container (base) to determine correct size)
  • 12" h foam cone (Amazon or Factory Direct Craft)
  • 4-6 1" w foam balls in spring colors with glitter (check Michaels)
  • 1 bag of paper shred, pastel colored  (check Michaels, Easter section)
  • 3 chicks (small, yellow) (check Michaels)
  • 1 chicks (medium, pink) (check Michaels)
  • 750+/- flat head pins (Amazon or Manhattan Wardrobe Supply) OR
  • 750+/- IBC glass head 1-3/8" silk pins super fine 0.5mm shaft with white head - 250/box (Amazon or Manhattan Wardrobe Supply)
 Tools you'll need...
  • glue gun
  • glue sticks
  • pinking shears (must-have, the ends of the ribbon won't fray)
  • newspaper (for glue gun and paper shred work area)

Solid Grosgrain Ribbon...

My ribbon vendor of choice is the awesome and fabulous Ribbon Retreat!  I have found that it is more cost-effective to order online.  The color choices are infinite and they'll help you match up if need be as well.  The staff is truly wonderful to work with.  Note:  I am not being compensated in any way to state this in my post.

You can choose to 2 colors or use multiple colors as I did.

If you choose the 2 color option, here's your list...
  • 22 yards of Solid Grosgrain in 5/8" width
    • cut into (10) 11" lengths NOTE:  you don't have to do this, you can cut them all the same length if you choose...see my picture of finished tree (the white ribbons are 11").
    • cut into (97) 6-1/2" lengths)
  • 38 yards of Solid Grosgrain 7/8" width (cut into 6-1/2" lengths)
If you choose multiple colors, as I've made it (what's pictured), here's your list, you need a total of 60 yards...

I wanted a "spring" color scheme and purchased the following solid grosgrain ribbon (see above):
  • 5/8" width white
  • 5/8" width crème
  • 7/8" width crème
  • 3/8" width light pink
  • 5/8" width pink passion
  • 7/8" width pink passion
  • 5/8" width lavender
  • 7/8" width lavender
  • 5/8" width dark orchid
  • 5/8" width banana cream
  • 7/8" width banana cream
  • 5/8" width pure green
  • 3/8" width apple green (bright color, that pops!)
  • 5/8" width apple green
  • 5/8" width creamsicle
  • 7/8" width creamsicle

It's important to note that you'll need to pick colors and the amounts to mix-n-match to equal 60 yards.  Depending on how tight you place the ribbon knots you may or may not have any ribbon left over.

  1. Cut the ribbon with pinking shears to the desired lengths as mentioned above.  The purpose of using the pinking shears is so the ends don't fray.  Trust me, you don't want the ribbon to fray - I didn't use the pinking shears on the first 2 trees, lesson learned.  You can buy pinking shears here, I prefer Fiskars brand.
  2. Take a break!
  3. Cut the foam cube to fit the 6"x6" container.  I purchased a bigger block and cut it into 3 equal pieces.  I glued one cube on top of each other to meet the top of the container.
  4. Glue foam cone to cube.
  5. Glue 4-6 foam balls in various places on cone.  I felt it easier to glue them on first and then pin the ribbon knots in place.
  6. Place paper shed in base of container and at edge of foam cone.  This will help you place the ribbon accordingly on the bottom.
  7. Take a break!
  8. Tie the ribbon into ribbon knots.  Tie a knot in the middle of a ribbon length.
  9. Pin the knots to the foam.  Alternate colors accordingly.  You can use silver pins or white ones.  I prefer the white ones but, used both for this project.
  10. After all ribbon knots have been put on the tree, add the chicks.  Make sure the glue gun is "hot" and that you have a full glue stick in place.  You need to be quick when placing the chicks in place.  I stuck them in spaces throughout the tree, so that they are peeking out beneath the ribbons and at the base.

Estimated time to complete...

It will take roughly 4 to 6 hours to complete the entire ribbon tree.  In all honesty, I would complete this project over multiple days, like I did.  Day 1) cut ribbon.  Day 2) glue everything together (except chicks) and place paper shred in container. Day 3) make ribbon knots.  Day 4) pin all ribbon knots on tree and glue chicks on tree.  Note:  my estimated time of completion does not include ordering the ribbon at Ribbon Retreat or my trip to Michaels.

Happy DIY project time!!  Please let me know if you have any questions.

Also, I've listed the trees over at BlondiesShop for sale if you don't have time to make one.  I can make custom ones too!

Happy Thursday!  Make it an absolutely fabulous day!

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